The Autistic Pride Award [500th Post]

This sounds like a great idea. You should go check it out, share far and wide !!

the silent wave

As some of y’all are aware, it has become a little informal tradition on this blog to dedicate every 100th post to bouncing the focus and recognition back onto the Asperger’s/Autism Spectrum bloggers and the rest of the community in some way.

In the 100th post, I listed a few of the earliest blogs I found that really comforted me, with information and encouragement. After reading them, I felt very positive, understood, legitimate, validated, secure, and Not Alone.

In the 200th post, I gave a little shout-out to the Asperger’s/autism spectrum community online, especially within the context of social media. I had found Twitter a few months prior, and felt fully-embedded as a full-fledged card-carrying (grin) member of the community.

In the 300th post, I created a subject matter-categorized listing of some (OK, more than some–70) of my favorite blog posts that I thought were particularly relatable…

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2 thoughts on “The Autistic Pride Award [500th Post]

    • Oh man I did this yesterday too. Commented on the wrong blog lol 😂 Chock it up to the pain I guess 💞

      What I meant to say on your blog is to thank you so much for the reblog 😘😘👍🏼💜💝


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